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Footsie Roll
Footsie Roll

Our Price: $59.00

Product Code: FF1

THE FOOTSIE ROLL - A Cylindrical Shaped, Rolling Foot Rest

This 8” Diameter Cylinder may be placed either atop our mat or just off the rear edge,
so the standing user can prop one foot up and “roll” it back and forth.
  • Elevates one Foot and Knee (think bar foot rail).
  • Massages the Sole with a rolling, back and forth motion.
  • Changes The Position of the Hips to allow hip and back relief when standing.
  • Unique Center Elastic Tethering allows a single line to keep it always within reach.
  • Adjustable Length Tether allows customized positioning both off and on the mat.
  • Cross-Link Polyurethane Construction provides a firm, yet comfortable “foot feel”.
  • Can Also Be Placed On End for a different, more stable, yet still dynamic feel.

Never Impedes Mat Movement - When pushed forward to sit, it rolls back onto the mat!

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