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News Release January 17, 2018

New Patent Offers Employers Effective Use of Sit-Stand Desks
Foot-Activated SitStand SmartMat Simplifies Position Changes

Gainesville, Georgia. The U.S. Patent Office has issued a Utility

Patent for a “Slidable Anti-Fatigue Mat” designed for use with

sit-stand desks. The patent, effective January 9, 2018, was issued

to John C. Burkhalter, President of OiC Innovations.

The device described is an anti-fatigue mat which can be moved

back and forth under a desk with a foot-activated touch point. Light

pressure with one foot on the activation spot moves the mat, but

heavier foot pressure prevents movement for stability and safety.

“The problem in using anti-fatigue mats with sit-stand desks is that

while they’re excellent for standing, the mat gets in the way for sitting,”

according to Burkhalter. "Chairs must either be pushed on top of hard,

uncomfortable mats, or users must bend down to floor level to pick up

and move the mat. These additional efforts can create or exacerbate

back problems and discourage users from changing positions.”

The benefits and solutions outlined in the patent describe the features

of the company's “Sit-Stand Smart Mat.” The product is designed for

use on both carpets and hard surfaces, a feat achieved by using

different materials for the activation areas. Made in the USA, the mats

are customizable to obtain the desired ease of movement on all types

of floor surfaces.

“By making it quick and easy to switch between sitting and standing,

users cycle back and forth more often, and allows for the use of a

soft, comfortable anti-fatigue mat.” said Burkhalter. “This leads to an

increase in standing time, which enhances the core purpose and

value of sit-stand desks. And for the many people who work at a

desk, this means a healthier and more productive work environment."

Michael Craggs, CEO of the Micwilll Group and ErgoCanada.com

believes “For a sit-stand desk user, this is the only product which

doesn’t introduce additional risk factors associated with the movement

of the mat. It’s a uniquely capable sit-stand anti-fatigue mat solution.

Ergonomic office products and particularly sit and stand desks have

become highly popular as employers seek to both improve

employee health and increase productivity. Large office furniture

companies such as Herman-Miller and Steelcase have begun

mass-producing adjustable height desks, and more ancillary products

are emerging.

OiC experimented with almost 50 mats and materials before finding

the right combination of movability, grip, stability and compression.

John Fuire, owner of Prime Contract Sales in Huntington Beach,

California says “The Sit-Stand SmartMat is an ingenious product

because it’s so easy to re-position, but at the same time it’s not

slippery. And it provides tremendous comfort when standing."

OiC Innovations, a subsidiary of E Biz Communications, Inc., was

one of the first companies to manufacture a sit-stand desktop for use

on existing desks. But that market quickly became saturated as dozens

of large companies began producing height-adjustable desks. A privately

held company, OiC transitioned to other ergonomic products, such as

the Sit-Stand SmartMat, which is now patent-protected in the United

States. Patents for the Mat are also pending in 37 other countries.

The company recently added a new manufacturing partner to increase

the scale of production, but also plans to explore licensing agreements

with other ergonomic organizations.

U.S. Patent No. 9,861,220

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